Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is AXA iON?

    AXA iON stands for AXA Insurance Online. It is the Philippines’ first online life insurance store that allows you to buy an insurance plan over the Internet.

  2. What are the payment options for buying an insurance plan through AXA iON?

    You may pay your monthly premiums conveniently without any additional charges, with your Visa or Master Card credit card through our Auto Charge Facility.

  3. Can I use someone else’s credit card to purchase through AXA iON?

    No. The policy owner must also be the owner of the credit card that will be used to pay for the premium payments.

  4. I am concerned that my credit card might be hacked. How can I be sure of the security of purchasing in AXA iON?

    You need not worry about the security of your credit card details. Our payment partner, PesoPay, is the only online provider in the Philippines to achieve the highest security compliance in the world, PCI DSS 2.0. PesoPay, is trusted by 7,000 merchants across Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom.

  5. I want to buy an AXA eXentials plan but I do not have a credit card. What are my other options?

    You may avail any of the AXA eXentials plans directly at your nearest Metrobank and PSBank branch. Or you may click here to schedule an appointment with an AXA Financial Partner.

  6. Do I need to submit printed or scanned documents or visit an AXA or AXA affiliate branch to complete my application requirements?

    No. AXA iON provides paperless transaction from start to finish. No need to print, scan or visit our branches. By going through the online application process, you provide us all the information we need to effect your plan.

  7. Do I need to talk to an insurance agent to accomplish my AXA iON application?

    No. Applications in AXA iON are simple, straightforward and very easy to accomplish.

    However, if you have an AXA distributor and wish to be assisted, you may do so. Please indicate the name of your AXA representative when asked if you were referred by one.

  8. I am interested to save, invest, and be financially secure but I would like options other than what is available in AXA iON. Do I have other choices?

    AXA Philippines is present nationwide in 640 Metrobank branches serviced by 460 financial executives; and 29 AXA branch offices that are the home to its growing network of 1,850 exclusive financial advisors who can address your financial needs.

  9. If I have concerns, complaints or questions, how do I contact AXA?

    We are available to address your concerns in real time via chat from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Mondays to Fridays. On the AXA iON homepage, simply click on the chat window on the bottom left of your screen.

    You may also call us at (+632) 5815-AXA (292) and an AXA Contact Center Representative will gladly help you.

  10. Upon successful transaction in AXA iON, how long before I receive my policy contract?

    After the online application and payment has been completed, we shall be conducting a verification call. Once this has been done, please give us 10 working days to deliver your policy contract through courier to the Philippine address you have indicated in your application.

  11. In case I change my mind, is it possible to cancel my application before I receive my policy contract?

    Yes. You may cancel your application by expressing your intent during the verification call which will be done by an AXA Representative. Once cancelled, we shall reverse your full payment and no cancellation fee will be charged.

  12. How do I file a claim?

    Follow these easy steps:

    1. Download and accomplish the Claim Form

    2. Submit the accomplished Claim Form and other necessary documents to any of our AXA Business Centers or any Metrobank Branch.

    AXA will evaluate your claim request and notify you of the status within five (5) working days. You will be advised if you need to submit additional documents, or if the claim has been approved or declined. Once approved, you will receive your claims payout thru your preferred payment method.

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