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Table of Benefits
Health Exentials Packages
Critical Conditions (CC) Coverage P500,000 P750,000 P1,000,000
Additional Coverage should CC result in Total & Permanent Disability P500,000 P750,000 P1,000,000
Non-Smoker Bonus P50,000 P75,000 P100,000
DAILY Hospital Income (DHI) Benefit P1,000 P2,000 P3,000
Additional DHI in case of ICU Confinement P1,000 P2,000 P3,000
One time Surgical Reinbursement of expense resulting from accident P50,000 P50,000 P50,000
Health Bonus P150,000 P225,000 P300,000
Bereavement Benefit P150,000 P225,000 P300,000

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Health Exentials is available for 20 to 45 years old.